10 Biggest American Wedding Cakes (Slideshow)

Check out these jaw-droppingly big and beautiful wedding cakes

Wild Orchid Baking Company: Dover, N.H.

To create a towering example of beauty and elegance, the Wild Orchid Baking Company produced a seven-tier cake separated by three layers of sugar flowers. The cake stood approximately 5 feet tall when completed, with the bottom tier coming to 18 inches in diameter. 

Gimme Some Sugar: Las Vegas

Gimme Some Sugar crafted this masterful blinged out and utterly breathtaking six-tier cake. Adorned with a cascading flow of ombre flowers with each layer separated by beautiful rhinestones, this cake is anything but subtle. 

Amazing Cakes by Joanne: Woburn, Mass.

Entitled "Crystal Elegance," this seven-tier wedding cake is coated in white fondant and dusted with edible lavender sparkle dust from Amazing Cakes by Joanne. This gorgeous cake is adorned with glittering crystals and hand-crafted butterflies. 

cakelava: Kailua, Hawaii

Known for their attention to detail and ability to amaze, cakelava  sculpted this 5.5-feet-tall cake, which included a rhinestone-studded cake stand. The devil is in the details with this cake, which relies on subtle design and a clean palate rather than showy colors to amaze.

Sugar Flower Cake Shop: New York City

This towering Victorian beauty has a regal, vintage air about it that is only enhanced by its size. This cake stands more than 5 feet tall and was created by the Sugar Flower Cake Shop, which makes wedding and special-occasion cakes from organic, local, sustainable, and/or fair-trade ingredients.

cakelava: Kailua, Hawaii

Talk about grandiose: this overpoweringly beautiful cake stands at a whopping 6 feet tall. The creators took special care to turn the big love of the couple into a big sugary confection that resembles beautifully stacked (and artfully blinged-out) presents.

Haute So Sweet: New York City

Sometimes you just cannot compete with a classic. This elegant white embellished masterpiece by Haute So Sweet  has seven intricately designed tiers and more than 100 gardenias. 

My Daughter’s Cakes: Bogota, N.J.

A rustic wedding cake that blends an enchanted forest with a princess’ touch? Um, yes please! This beautiful "tree cake" could be a tree itself with its towering layers going higher than 5 feet, and comes from the whimsical genius of My Daughter’s Cake — who got their name from cake artist Denise Smith’s proud mother.

Sweet Southern Ladies: St. Martinville, La.

Absolutely breathtaking, this multi-tiered, multi-based cake is the epitome of grandeur and comes in at more than 5 feet tall. We love how the Sweet Southern Ladies were able to capture both a regal and simple presence in their cake (although to be fair, they have many other large cakes that do the same!). 

Who Made the Cake: Houston

And for the grandest of them all, we give you this jaw-dropping work of art from Nadine Moon at Who Made the Cake. This beautiful creation was entirely crafted by hand. The lucky couple, Jennifer & Ryan Pickett, requested their cake have a carriage, angel wings, crosses, and lots of sugar flowers. Completely personalized and totally astounding, this cake reached enormous heights of and was a beautiful embodiment of big-time perfection.