White Castle Is Now Serving Mini Corn Dogs Called ‘Nibblers’

White Castle is bringing back its mini fried Nibblers, in shrimp, mac & cheese, and new corn dog varieties

White Castle is so much more than just four-cornered burgers.

White Castle is enjoying its time in the spotlight. David Chang just proclaimed his love for what he describes as “the best burger ever,” and now the burger chain is introducing new menu items.White Castle is officially bringing back its Nibblers, which were first introduced in 2013: small, fried, pop-able appetizers available in shrimp, mac & cheese, and new corn dog varieties.

This summer, White Castle will offer a “flight” of Nibblers. The corn dog Nibblers are made with all white meat chicken coated in honey cornbread and tossed in the deep-fryer. The shrimp is fried butterfly shrimp, and the mac & cheese is battered Cheddar macaroni and cheese. The corn dog Nibblers are going for $1.99, the mac & cheese is selling for $1.79, and the shrimp variety will cost you $3.49.


What do you think? Is this a good idea, or should White Castle stick to its signature sliders?