Favorite College Campus Drunk Food Spots Revealed

Go-to college drunk food spots will always be remembered fondly

Pizza was a popular response in our survey.

College nights out are about drinks, bars, and friends, but if we’re honest, a huge part of the night is where you head for drunk late-night munchies. Will you order pizza or Chinese food? Will you see how fast Jimmy John’s can arrive, or will you venture out to your favorite greasy food spot that’s always open late? Having a hunger attack after a night of drinking results in late-night cravings because our bodies need fuel that isn’t booze to function. Plus, we’ve already consumed so many calories that we feel a few hundred more won’t make much of a difference.

The places that fed you and deciphered your order from slurred speech will always be remembered fondly when looking back on college days. Those spots saw stories made in real-time, witnessed the events of the nights you don’t remember, and fed you fried food that you don’t recall eating.

Many responses were national chains like Domino’s Pizza, Jimmy John’s, Starbucks, Little Italy, Taco Bell, Cook Out, and Waffle House. Three people named Canyon Pizza in Pennsylvania as their go-to college drunk food spot, and Italian restaurant D.P. Dough famous for its calzones was also chosen more than once. Wings Over Happy Valley is apparently another Pennsylvania favorite. And at the University of Georgia, The Grill, a 24/7 downtown diner, is usually the students’ choice.


Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger is reportedly a late-night option for University of Michigan students, and Taco Shop Co is the Tucson go-to. South U Pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan was also chosen, as well as Antonio’s Pizza in Amherst, Massachusetts. One respondent said the breadsticks at Pizza X in Bloomington, Indiana, are not to be missed. The Whey Station in Connecticut was mentioned, as were the doughnuts from Madison, Wisconsin’s Greenbush Bakery, which is open until midnight. Over 25 percent of responses mentioned some sort of pizza venue as a go-to college drunk food spot.