Forget the Soggy Fried Chicken and the Ants: Here’s How to Picnic in Style

Swap the sloppy sandwiches and warm beer for charcuterie, cheese, and salads, accompanied by glasses of crisp, chilled wine

Glamorous picnicking may sound like an oxymoron, but we promise that it really is possible. With the right equipment, an easily accessible location, and simple, yet elegant dishes, you can host a picnic that is just as sophisticated as a dinner party would be. Find a beautiful spot in the dappled sunlight, which is easily accessible by car or a short walk, and, with your wicker picnic basket filled with chilled wine, cheese, bread, and summertime salads, set out your blanket, and settle in for the afternoon. Many hours of nibbling on the tastiest meal, sipping on refreshing drinks, and basking in the sun’s rays will lead to the happiest of summer days.

Forget the Soggy Fried Chicken and the Ants: Here’s How to Picnic in Style (Slideshow)

To prepare for a stylish, decadent picnic, you’re going to need to invest in the best picnic equipment. First on the list is a beautiful picnic basket. You then need to fill the basket with proper tableware and glassware, the kind that can break, not the disposable versions: No stylish picnic involves eating off paper plates with plastic sporks. If you’re having your picnic in the evening, remember to pack lanterns and candles to provide light, keep the bugs away, and create the most picture-perfect, romantic setting.

When planning what food to take to your picnic, don’t opt for the classic, over-used, and overrated dishes of sandwiches, chips, and store-bought cookies. You don’t have to make this meal complicated, but you do have to make it chic, cohesive, and delicious. This is why we recommend you pack up a variety of light, summery platters of food, which come together to create a well-rounded and flavor-packed meal. When served together, platters of charcuterie and cheese, homemade bread, and vegetable-rich salads form a spectacular picnic menu. Obviously, all this food needs to be accompanied by plenty of chilled wine, and the meal isn’t finished until everyone has overindulged in the sweetest summer berries.

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