Parents Required to Sign Permission Slips for Kids to Eat Oreos

A school sent home a permission slip asking parents to approve Oreo eating
Wikimedia/Fritz Saalfeld

A Pennsylvania mother says she had to sign a permission slip for her child to be allowed to eat an Oreo in school.

Parents of school-age children frequently have to sign permission slips for their children to be allowed to venture off campus or do potentially dangerous things, but this week a mother was instructed that she would have to sign a permission slip for her child to be allowed to eat an Oreo cookie at school.

According to Mommyish, a Pennsylvania school sent a permission slip home with a class of middle school students so parents could consent to their children eating a single Oreo cookie during a project in science class. The permission slip was photographed by one mother, who posted it on Twitter under the handle MainLineHousewife.


The permission slip clarified that the Oreo cookies would be used to simulate geographical movement during science class, and that students with permission would be allowed to eat their Oreos when the experiment was finished. It specifies in no uncertain terms that students will not be forced to eat the Oreos if they do not want to, and the permission slip even included the complete ingredients for a Double-Stuff Oreo cookie, just in case the parents wanted to peruse it.