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Best Things to Drink at Your Tailgate Party

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Best Things to Drink at Your Tailgate Party

It’s always the food that gets all our care and attention when we’re preparing for a tailgate. With so much focus on between grilling chicken wings, serving up steaming bowls of chili, and making sure you’ve packed everybody’s favorite condiments, drinks are often overlooked. Now, we’re not saying that they’re ever forgotten (that would be the worst tailgating mistake you could make), but rather that they deserve a little more love and attention: They will be central to your tailgate party after all.


Benchwarmer Cocktail

Have a drink and consume all your needed electrolytes at the same time with this Gatorade-spikedfootball player-suitable cocktail.

For the Benchwarmer Cocktail recipe, click here.


Boston Rum Punch

This simple rum punch is easy to make in big batches and is best served in large glasses with plenty of ice.

For the Boston Rum Punch recipe, click here.


Bourbon Ginger Cider

This gently spiced, bourbon-based cocktail will warm you to the core on those chillier tailgating days when a cold beer isn’t exactly appealing anymore.

For the Bourbon Ginger Cider recipe, click here.


Fall Harvest Beer Cocktail

Why drink a bottle of beer when you could easily transform that beer into a cocktail filled with all your favorite flavors of this harvest and football season?

For the Fall Harvest Beer Cocktail recipe, click here.


Peach Tea Punch

This fruity and incredibly boozy cocktail is just what all you hardcore tailgaters are looking for in a special game-day drink.

For the Peach Tea Punch recipe, click here.


Pomegranate Mulled Wine

A thermos filled with hot, sweet, spiced mulled wine will be so appreciated by all your fellow team supporters on those freezing winter game days.

For the Pomegranate Mulled Wine recipe, click here.


Sparkling Apple Cocktail

This simple cocktail is just a mix of two ingredients: Such a basic drink is so appreciated when you’re hosting a tailgate, especially when it still manages to be packed full of your favorite fall flavors.

For the Sparkling Apple Cocktail recipe, click here.


Spiced and Spiked Hot Chocolate

Stay warm on those cold tailgating days by packing up a flask full of this hot, spiked hot chocolate to take with you for game day.

For the Spiced and Spiked Hot Chocolate recipe, click here.


Vodka-Spiked Pink Lemonade

Refresh yourself with some homemade pink lemonade, but don’t forget to add a splash of vodka to it: This is game day after all.

For the Vodka-Spiked Pink Lemonade cocktail recipe, click here.


Yellowhammer Slammer

This drink is a necessity at every University of Alabama tailgate, but we think it’s so party-perfect that it seems a shame not to drink it everywhere this football season.

For the Yellowhammer Slammer recipe, click here.

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Best Things to Drink at Your Tailgate Party