You Can’t Drink Gatorade Unless You ‘Sweat It to Get It’

The Manning brothers and JJ Watt are promoting the sports drink
Gatorade Says ‘Sweat It to Get It’

Photo Gatorade Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 4.0

Gatorade wants you to work up a good sweat before you drink the sports drink.

Many athletes drink Gatorade to refuel and rehydrate after working out. Now, the sports drink company teamed up with football stars Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and J.J. Watt to create a slew of YouTube videos called Gatorade Sweat It to Get It.

The videos show college students trying to buy Gatorade on campus. The thirsty students are hilariously blocked from buying the sports drinks when one of the athletes steps in to make them work for it.

The description on the playlist says, “If you want a Gatorade, you’re going to have to work for it — no exceptions.”

These videos were made in partnership with NFL Films to bring the Sweat It to Get It initiative to college campuses — especially with back-to-school season right around the corner.


So just remember that if you’re about to grab a Gatorade on move-in day, beware — one of the Manning brothers or J.J. Watt might just pop out to make you sweat for it.