A Simple Sunset Cocktail Menu

Say hello to summer by firing up the grill and make these warm-weather favorites from chef Dean Sheremet
Cocktails at Sunset

Cocktails at Sunset

When the weather is warm, nothing screams spring more than a gathering with close friends during the twilight hours. Whip up a large batch of sweet and fruity red sangria, string the party lights around the table, and put your favorite summer tunes on. — Allison Beck


Hosting a cocktail party is a bit like feeding children; stick to the basics and make it damn good.

So, when I’m planning a cocktail party, I try to keep it simple. I bring out my go-to dishes that I know are home runs, like a fruity sangria and delicious grilled burgers. Nothing fancy! No one really cares if it took you four days and four hundred dollars to make that foie gras terrine. They’re really there for the booze.

In truth, I’m just like you. Yes, I want to win over friends and influence people through my food, but all I really want to do is be able to enjoy the company of my friends for the few hours we’re together. Remember this when planning the menu: There is nothing worse than spending more time working the kitchen than working the room.


Here are some of my go-to favorites for a memorable evening with friends:

Lamb Sliders with Red Onion Marmalade

“Devilish” Shrimp

Red Spring Sangria