10 Ways You’re Tailgating Wrong

Ramp up your tailgate game with these tips
New York Jets' Kenrick Ellis Learns to Make Sushi

New York Jets Defensive Tackle Kenrick Ellis tries his hand at some sushi making with the help of Celebrity Cruises' Thomas Szymanski.

How have you never thought of this?   

The sun is beating down on you, and your stomach is grumbling. There is a sea of humans in front of the hot dog stand outside the stadium. All of a sudden a wave of nausea hits you; maybe you shouldn’t have taken those extra shots? Before you know it, it’s halftime. The temperature drops, it starts to rain, and you’re caught again without any jacket at an outdoor tailgate. You’re suddenly miserable when you should be watching an awesome football game, and all you can think about is going home to eat and hop in a warm shower.

Tailgates can go wrong pretty quickly if you’re not prepared for them. We’ve compiled 10 easy tips to make sure you enjoy the really fun part of every football game. You may think these suggestions are no big deal, but you’ll be thanking us when there’s no toilet paper in the Porta-Potty in the parking lot. True tailgating is an art that combines alcohol, delicious food, a love of football, and incredible all-day energy. With our complete guide, we present tips to correct all your tailgating mistakes.