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Transform Your Tailgate With These DIY Hacks

Up your tailgating game with these quick and easy tricks

Hosting a tailgate party is primarily about preparing the tastiest, classic pre-game foods: Burgers, Buffalo wings, ribs, chili, pulled pork, and potato salad are all tailgate essentials. Once you’ve planned out and prepared all the food, drinks and decorations come next. There’s no better way to get everybody in the party spirit than by fueling your feast with chilled drinks, dressing up in your team colors, and by adding a football twist to your whole tailgate. This year, it’s time to transform your tailgate into an even more spectacular party, without too much effort at all, with these simple DIY hacks.

Transform Your Tailgate With These DIY Hacks (Slideshow)

These tailgate tips and tricks cover every aspect of your party. We’ve included hacks for everything from the most practical way to transport all your tailgate equipment and necessities, to how to make edible decorations such as edible cookie flags, to ways to re-purpose your party essentials so that they double as something to eat or drink and a fun party game. Tailgating requires you to pack and transport so many tools, foods, and drinks: These DIY tips and tricks will help you reduce the amount you have to pack and take with you, while also helping you host the best tailgate ever.

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No matter where you plan on tailgating this season, how many people you’ll be cooking for, or whether you intend on hosting a rowdy, drink-filled party, or a more relaxed, family-friendly affair, these DIY tailgate hacks are here to make your tailgate easier for you, even more fun for your family and friends, and the envy of everyone else who you’re sharing that packed parking lot with. Read on to discover the 12 best DIY tailgate hacks to improve your pre-game party this season.