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20 Things You’ll Miss About Being Single

Being in a relationship is great, but living the single life definitely has its advantages

We seem to spend our lives looking for our perfect partner, dating endlessly until we find the one, promptly falling in love, and moving in together. All of a sudden, in this romantic whirlwind, marriage is on the horizon, and the single life you once lived has become a distant memory.

While you will be overjoyed (or at least you should be — if you’re not, cancel the wedding now!) to have finally found the love of your life and to be settling down, there are many aspects of the single life you’ll soon begin to miss. Sadly, there’s no way to get them back —you really do have to surrender to living with another human and sharing everything you own.

20 Things You’ll Miss About Being Single (Slideshow)

As soon as you move in with your other half, the majority of your messy, self-absorbed, slobby life is going to have to disappear. Whether you’re used to eating your dinner out of the saucepan, not cleaning up after yourself for days, or ordering take-out every night for a week, this behavior is going to have to change. Moving in with someone means you need to think about them, and not just yourself, and will have to stop living as if you’re the only human who exists in the world.

However, the key skills you’ll need to learn when you update your relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship” are sharing and compromise. This may sound simple, but when you realize that this literally covers every aspect of your life, you’re going to have to take a few deep breaths before you carry on with this whole settling down conundrum. Everything from splitting dessert, to sharing the TV remote, to planning what to have for dinner, to not taking over the entire closet, to even giving away slices of your pizza are essential relationship tools. It’s best if you get used to all these truths ASAP.

Read on to find out the top 20 things you’ll miss about your long-lost single life, and make sure you’re prepared for the reality of living as a couple.

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