When To Get Married, According To Your Horoscope

So your love story was written in the stars and now you're getting married, but what does the universe have to say about your wedding date? A lot more than you may think. Getting married in the year of the Chinese Horse, which is known as the year for marriage and financial success, already means your upcoming nuptials have a bright future ahead. But according to astrologers, there are some dates that shine brighter than others as far as your long term happiness is concerned.

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In general, the best times of year to marry for most signs are in late spring, with April 20th and May 30th being extra auspicious. Throughout the summer, July and August have several favorable dates, as well as early to mid-fall, especially October, with the 25th, 26th, and 30th being mentioned by astrologers as advantageous wedding dates for most signs. Lucky Capricorns can marry anytime this year, while Scorpios will have lasting unions but may experience some turmoil. Be aware that some months are more likely to have Venus, the planet that represents love, in retrograde, which will not bode well for the outcome of your union, and dates where Mars is under stress could lead to arguments and opposition. For a long-lasting life together, look out for dates where a waxing moon trine or a sextile Venus, Jupiter, Sun, or Saturn is present.

Something else to consider is that every sign in the zodiac has a discrete and detailed natal chart based on your birth date, time and location. This determines how the planets will affect your daily life, so remember to check your and your fiancé's astrological chart before sending out the save-the-dates. You can also try your hand at numerology, based on adding the numbers in your birth date together, with the best numbers being 1 and 9, and "destiny number" 5 specifically being avoided in a marriage date. 

Year of the Chinese Horse: Yay to Wedded Bliss

Wedding horoscope

Being that we are in the year of the Horse, one lucky sign in the zodiac doesn't need to worry much about how the universe will affect their marriage: Capricorns. With Pluto and Saturn ruling their houses this year, it makes for strong partnerships and relationships that will help transform their lives and create lasting unions. 

Year of the Chinese Horse: Neigh to Wedding Remiss

wedding horoscope

Scorpios can wed this year, but be aware that most dates will result in stressful situations and a more stern outcome for your relationship. While your marriage will be long lasting, there could be a trying period before or after you say I do.

Take a look through our slides and see what the cosmos says about which days will lead to a happily ever after for you.