Russia Now Has a Toilet-Themed Restaurant

Even the seats and bowls are shaped like toilets

Shutterstock/Africa Studio

The Crazy Toilet Cafe is located in Moscow.

A toilet-themed restaurant actually exists in Russia now.

We first heard about toilet restaurants in Hong Kong and mainland China thanks to a restaurant chain called Modern Toilet. Most recently, a new establishment called Crazy Toilet Cafe opened in Moscow on October 30.

The restaurant fits 50 people on toilet-shaped seats. They offer a Crazy Lunch menu with three courses — a brown and creamy mushroom soup, a swirled sausage served with three scoops of mashed potatoes, and chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream. Naturally, the dishes are served in toilet bowls and are made to vaguely resemble feces.

Even the drinks are toilet-themed. Their green tea is served in a tiny toilet bowl, and hot cocktails are served in mini urinals.


“We think people will walk past, think ‘What on Earth is that?’ and then come in to check it out,” Inga Yaroslavskaya, general manager of Crazy Toilet Cafe, told The Guardian. “It’s not everywhere you can eat good food from a toilet bowl and drink from a urinal at very reasonable prices.”