Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with This Scent-Based Alarm Clock

Sensorwake is an olfactory alarm clock that wakes users up with scents such as coffee and hot croissants

The clock will cost $109 and two-pack scent refills will cost $10.90.

Mornings can be rough, especially when a blaring alarm jolts you out of a peaceful slumber. Paris-based startup Sensorwake hopes to “make your mornings happier” with the world’s first olfactory alarm clock. Utilizing dry-air diffusion, the alarm clock wakes users up only with smell. However, a backup alarm will wake you up after three minutes if scent alone is not enough, especially during flu and allergy seasons.

Sensorwake says, “No more alarms, no more ear-piercing noises; just beautiful, delightful scents.
Choose to wake up in the best possible way.” The scent selection includes croissant, espresso, chocolate, peppermint, seaside, and lush jungle. According to Sensorwake, the scents are produced in France and are REACH, CARB, and IFRA certified.


The clock, which will hit the market later this year according to Bloomberg Business, will cost $109, and a two-pack of capsules will cost $10.90. Each capsule is good for 30 awakenings, and each two-pack contains two complimentary scents. The Continental Breakfast Pack contains one espresso and one croissant capsule, the Enjoy the Break Pack contains one seaside and one lush jungle capsule, and Vitalization Aromatherapy contains one chocolate and one peppermint capsule. The capsules are 100 percent recyclable.