The only relationship you need to be in on Valentine’s Day is a committed partnership to delicious food.


Treat Yo’ Self: Almost Half of All Singles Enjoy Going Out for Valentine’s Day, OpenTable Claims

According to an OpenTable survey, around 42 percent of single people are looking forward to dining out on Valentine’s Day

The popular trope that Valentine’s Day for unattached folks is more like “Singles Awareness Day” is starting to get stale. According to recent uplifting data from OpenTable, singles aren’t as desperate or depressed as we thought (a novel idea, really).

A survey of OpenTable users finds that 42 percent of singles plan on dining out on Valentine’s Day. Whether singles plan on celebrating Palentine’s Day with friends instead, taking out a Tinder date, or simply treating themselves, almost half of unattached diners will be posting their meals on social media.

"Contrary to popular belief and defying misconceptions about their Valentine’s Day habits, singles are getting comfortable with dining out on Valentine’s Day regardless of relationship status,” said Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer at OpenTable. 

More than half of all singles defy the “bitterness” trope, and don’t mind other couples sharing a little PDA at the table, but about one in three will totally roll their eyes at Valentine’s Day proposals (approximately 36 percent of users say any other day of the year would be better).

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, check out The Daily Meal’s Most Romantic Restaurants Around the World for inspiration, or peruse our list of the best foods to eat when you’re single on Valentine’s Day. 

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