Singles Mingle Party

Unleash your inner matchmaker with this “red-hot” themed cocktail party


Awaken your inner matchmaker and give Cupid a head start this Valentine’s Day by hosting a Singles Mingle party for a handful of your nearest and dearest single friends. Embrace the love theme by making it “red-hot” with food, drinks and décor to fit the mood and watch your matchmaking talents take flight, arm-in-arm with Cupid.



Forget the little black dress; this cocktail party requires a little red dress, tie, shirt, shoe, belt, or hat to set the scene, so encourage your guests to come dressed for a “red-hot” night. 



Continue the theme with glowing red candles scattered about, and vases of fresh fully bloomed red roses to fragrance the room. At the bar, opt for red glasses and cocktail napkins, and put on a sultry soundtrack in the background to carry you long into the night — no one can resist love with Barry White, Marvin Gaye, bossa nova, or Rod Stewart. 


For fun:

With the music playing and the décor “red-hot,” break the ice with a party game that will keep your guests hanging on to their every word. Give each guest a red elastic band or ribbon to wear on their wrist. If they say the word “love” they must give their band to the person who heard them say it. The person at the end of the night with the most bands around their wrist wins a bottle of red wine.



Mingling is hungry work, be sure to keep your canapés light, flowing, and intoxicating. Read up on your favorite aphrodisiac foods before planning your menu, and then consider these inspired delights:

Oysters on the Half Shell

Serve on a baking dish filled with ice and garnished with rose petals


Blini with Red Caviar

Blue Corn Blinis with Crab and Avocado Crema

Credit: Laurie Smith

Pass these bite-sized treats on a red doily-lined tray.


Chocolate Fondue 

Credit: Jennifer Martiné

Serve with chunks of pound cake and strawberries. 



Your guests will be feeling the love from these romance-inspired cocktails

The Parisian Cocktail

Credit: Yasmin Fahr

A simple red cocktail from South Gate in New York City.


Seductive Swan

Credit: Russian Standard Vodka

A vibrant blackberry lemonade-flavored cocktail.


Sweet Red Kiss

Credit: Dubonnet

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