Here’s What to Eat for Dinner: We Decided So You Don't Have To!

Need dinner ideas? We have a week’s worth of meals planned just for you

This slow-cooker, chicken dinner is a simple, delicious choice for an easy weeknight dinner.

Can’t decide what to make for dinner this week? We have a few ideas. Try simple, easy-to-make dishes for busy weeknights, and indulge in mouthwatering entrees on the weekends. Not everything has to be healthy, but we threw in some balanced, nutritious meals that are still crave-worthy for good measure.

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Cooking dinner every night doesn’t have to be a chore. Plan your week out right and you will never find yourself relying on those take-out menus you have stashed in your kitchen drawer. For the best flavors, stick with good-quality seasonal ingredients. We kept this menu, balanced, delicious, and fall-focused.

Whether you live and eat by your slow-cooker, want a pizza that is healthier than take-out, or in the mood for slow-braised short ribs that will end the week right, we have the recipes for you.

Check out The Daily Meal’s picks for a Fall-inspired dinner menu that include quick, simple, and delicious dinners that will keep you eating well every night of the week.

1. Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Chipotle Chili

Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Chipotle Chili

Shutterstock - Glenn Price

Start your week off with this slow-cooker vegetarian chili for dinner.

Start your week off right with a meatless Monday slow cooker recipe. Start the ingredients in your slow cooker before you go to work and you will have a hearty, healthy dinner waiting when you arrive home.

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2. Stove Top Pizza

Stove Top Pizza

iStock- Thinkstock

This pizza cooks in minutes on the stove.

In need of a little comfort food this Tuesday? You wish has been granted in the form of this simple stove top pizza that only takes five minutes to make. All you need is a seasoned cast iron pan to get that perfectly crisped crust.

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3. Autumn Bouillabaisse

Autumn Bouillabaisse


For a light dinner, try this seafood stew.

Get into the spirit of fall with this light midweek dinner. This healthy seafood stew uses fresh pumpkin for a distinctly fall flavor.

For the Autumn Bouillabaisse recipe, click here.

4. Cioppino-Style Chicken

Cioppinio-Style Chicken

Rita Maas, Romulo Yanes, and Ann Stratton

Serve this simple, slow-cooker chicken dinner over black rice for a no fuss, healthy, weeknight meal.

For the Cioppino-Style Chicken, click here.

5. Tamarind Braised Shortribs

Slow-braise these short ribs for a mouthwatering dinner.

Friday night is the time to indulge a little. Cook this slow-braised, mouthwatering short ribs recipe while you unwind from a busy work week.

For the Tamarind Braised Shortribs recipe, click here.

6. The Perfect Chicken Fajita

Perfect Chicken Fajitas


These chicken fajitas are quick and easy to make.

Throw an easy fiesta on Saturday complete with the perfect chicken fajita recipe. Make your own guacamole to add a gourmet touch to this simple and delicious dinner.

For the Perfect Chicken Fajita recipe, click here.

7. Pumpkin Carbonara

Pumpkin Carbonara

Shutterstock - Elena Shashkina

This twist on a classic carbonara dish includes pumpkin.

Try this delicious fall-inspired twist on the classic carbonara recipe. Pumpkin puree is whisked into the velvety smooth sauce.
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