The Daily Dish: Ben & Jerry’s Now Sells a Pint Lock to Prevent Ice Cream Thieves

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Ben & Jerry’s Now Sells a Pint Lock to Prevent Ice Cream Thieves

There’s no anger quite like the frustration felt when you open a pint to dig into your favorite flavor of ice cream, only to discover it’s already been chipped away by some carton criminal. Ben & Jerry’s feels your pain. That’s why they’ve designed an ice cream lock — no, really — that you can attach to your choice pints of Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream. This may sound like a slightly early April Fools’ joke, but you can actually buy the device on Amazon and in select Ben & Jerry’s scoop stores. Despite the branding, the device will also fit snugly on other ice cream pints and similarly-sized Nutella jars. Unfortunately you can’t change the combination, so a savvy thief may be able to guess the password eventually.

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Soon You Will Be Able to Get Costco Delivered to Your Door

Soon you won’t have to drag your party-sized box of chips or 50-pack of toilet paper home from the supermarket yourself. Costco is launching an at-home delivery service, in conjunction with the delivery startup Shipt, that will bring bulk goods and everyday groceries to your door. With the new service, customers will be able to get exclusive discounts and coupons, choose a one-hour delivery time window, and order practically anything they’d see in person at a Costco. The service is launching first in Tampa but will expand to 50 more urban and suburban markets by the end of 2017. Here’s the fine-print: You have to join Shipt to take advantage of unlimited grocery delivery, and membership is $99 annually.

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Robot-Run Eatery Sued for Not Being Accessible to the Blind

Eatsa — the fast-food automat that’s taking the world by storm — should run perfectly because it’s staffed by robot technology and not humans… right? The tech-savvy startup with locations in California, New York, and Washington, D.C., is being sued by the nonprofit Disability Rights Advocates for not providing ordering kiosks with accessibility for the blind. The class-action lawsuit claims that people with disabilities — particularly sight impairment — are not accommodated in the store’s ordering model or interior design. “Because the self-service mobile applications, touchscreen tablets, and visually-marked cubbies Eatsa utilizes rely on exclusively visual displays and do not provide any form of audio output or tactile input, Eatsa’s design is entirely inaccessible to blind customers,” the lawsuit states, according to Fox News. Eatsa has refuted these claims, telling Recode that their restaurants are accessible, and customers can always ask the “human hosts” for help if necessary.

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Cadbury Bars May Shrink, Thanks to Brexit

Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union — what has colloquially become known as Brexit — has caused shockwaves of uncertainty throughout the international community. But here’s one factor Britons didn’t take into consideration when placing their vote last summer: the size of their chocolate bars. The head of Cadbury’s U.K. operation, Glenn Caton, has said that even though the confectionery company is committed to remaining a British brand, they may have to shrink chocolate bars for the sake of lowering costs, meaning that consumers would get less bang (and smaller candy bars) for their buck. Caton confirmed that even though the company might go through some “shrinkflation,” they will never skimp on quality.

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Iconic Restaurants Le Cirque and Circo File for Bankruptcy

In a sadly all-too-familiar story for New York City culinary institutions, Circo and Le Cirque — the two upscale restaurants opened by iconic restaurateur Sirio Maccioni — have filed for bankruptcy.

Mauro Maccioni, son of the original owner, told the New York Post’s Page Six that the family filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to avoid losing their lease. Le Cirque has been the career starting point for many famous New York chefs, including Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, and Jacques Torres, who all worked on the line at some point. “Both restaurants continue to operate as usual and [are] fully staffed,” Maccioni told Page Six. “We are in the process of restructuring ourselves and securing some additional outside funding.”


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