Compartés Chocolate Bars: Deliciously Sweet Works of Art

Jonathan Grahm talks inspiration, brand history, and trendsetting

Cereal bowl white chocolate and cereal is just one of the many innovative flavors this brand creates.

Walk into any number of trendy, fashionable, fun-loving shops and you’re bound to find a nice collection of Compartés chocolate bars for sale. Compartés, is the trendsetter of the chocolate world, combining art, style, and design with everyone’s favorite treat: chocolate.

Chocolate prodigy Jonathan Grahm is the man who has reinvigorated the brand, which has been around since 1950. Current celebrity fans include Oprah, Steven Spielberg, The Beckhams, and Angelina Jolie to name just a few. Even back in the day stars such as Elvis Presley and The Kennedy’s were fans of the vogueish chocolate shop.

“I am constantly coming up with new ideas for flavors and designs and I have over 200-300 in a book near my bed where I write them all down so I constantly can come up with new ones to keep Compartes progressing and always keep in interesting and exciting!”  Says Grahm.


Known for its handcrafted bars, Compartés has insanely delicious, innovate flavors that include: donuts & coffee chocolate bar, salted pretzel chocolate bar, mixed berry chocolate bar, birthday cake chocolate bar, s'mores dark chocolate bar, caramelized waffle cone chocolate bar, and even a kale chocolate bar. These pretty bars also pass as works of art thanks to its gorgeous chocolate designs, patterns, lovely packaging, and the stunning works of edible chocolate art within.

“I basically do everything I love and translate it through chocolate. The s’mores bars have pictures of my dogs Samson and Rocco on the back of them, the cake bar has pictures I took in the Louvre Museum in Paris on it, the donut and coffee bar has my favorite donuts mixed into it…” Continues Grahm.

As a native Angeleno, Grahm is inspired by Los Angeles and his surroundings.  This is evident in Compartes’ products.  He gives examples of this inspiration describing that the, “California Love with the palm trees, Old Hollywood featuring art deco drawings I drew myself based on sconces in my house, California Dreaming with a surfing bear based on my love of surfing, and The Blonde Bombshell which shows a Marilyn Monroe theme since she was our customer back in the day!”

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