Cadbury Bars May Shrink, Thanks to Brexit

The UK’s exit from the European Union may force Cadbury to sell smaller candy bars for the same price

Forget the economic and immigration implications… This is the real issue here.

Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union — what has colloquially become known as Brexit — has caused shockwaves of uncertainty throughout the international community. But here’s one factor Britons didn’t take into consideration when placing their vote last summer: the size of their chocolate bars. The head of Cadbury’s U.K. operation, Glenn Caton, has said that even though the confectionery company is committed to remaining a British brand, they may have to shrink chocolate bars for the sake of lowering costs, meaning that consumers would get less bang (and smaller candy bars) for their buck.

Mondelēz International — Cadbury’s U.S.-based parent company — already caused a kerfuffle last year when the size of the iconic Toblerone bar shrank considerably following the Brexit vote, and it looks like more sweets will follow.

“All we can do is to move to the times that we face,” Caton told The Guardian. “I am confident, though, because a 200 million pound investment in the last five years is not something we are going to walk away from. I can’t guarantee anything forever, but am I confident that we are still going to have world-class manufacturing and research sites in the U.K. for the long term? I do feel confident of that.”


Caton confirmed that even though the company might go through some “shrinkflation,” they will never skimp on quality.