Ben & Jerry’s Now Sells a Pint Lock to Prevent Ice Cream Thieves

The ‘Euphori-lock’ is available on Amazon and at Ben & Jerry’s scoop stores

Keep your Phish Food away from persistent phish-ermen.

There’s no anger quite like the frustration felt when you open a pint to dig into your favorite flavor of ice cream, only to discover it’s already been chipped away at by some carton criminal. Ben & Jerry’s feels your pain. That’s why they’ve designed an ice cream lock — no, really — that you can attach to your choice pints of Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream. Only you know the combination to the aptly-named “Euphori-Lock” which warns would-be ice cream thieves: “I’m terribly sorry but there’s no ‘u’ in my pint.”

This may sound like a slightly early April Fools’ joke, but you can actually buy the device on Amazon and in select Ben & Jerry’s scoop stores. Despite the branding, the device will also fit snugly on other ice cream pints and similarly-sized Nutella jars. Unfortunately you can’t change the combination, so a savvy thief may be able to guess the password eventually.

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Cheeky Amazon reviews are poking fun at the novelty product: “My ice cream is now secure! Because my family and friends are all morons who would never think to use a knife or scissors to cut open the cardboard ice cream container!” and another said, “Amazing! I forgot the password, and I lost five pounds! Thanks Euphori-Lock! I hope I don't starve to death in my apartment!”