Cadbury Angers UK Over Blatant Corporate Tax Evasion

One of the most popular chocolate companies in the world is being slammed with criticism for tax evasion in the UK
Mondelez International is being blamed for the company’s ca-tax-strophe.


Mondelez International is being blamed for the company’s ca-tax-strophe.

Since Cadbury was bought by Mondelez International five years ago, the sweets company has avoided paying corporate taxes, according to recent reports acquired by the British Sunday Times. Despite the fact that the corporation made a profit of £149 million ($226.7 million USD) last year, Cadbury’s union is angrily claiming that the corporation owes millions of pounds to the government.

"We comply with UK tax law and, as with all global businesses, pay tax based on the laws of the country we operate in,” Mondelez International said in a statement. "We have invested over £200m into the future of our UK business over the past five years and we contribute £1.06bn to the UK economy."

According to the BBC, Kraft, which was renamed Mondelez International, acquired Cadbury in a “hostile takeover” in 2010, offering £11.5 billion ($17.5 billion USD) in an offer that the sweets company could not afford to refuse.

This is not the first time that Mondelez International has caused issues for loyal Cadbury fans. This past Easter, Brits were outraged when it was discovered that the company would be changing the beloved long-time recipe for its classic Dairy Milk Bar.

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"Cadbury has a proud history of investing in its communities,” said the Labor Party’s Margaret Hodge. “Yet this American company is avoiding taxes while using our workforce and infrastructure. It is selfish in the extreme and shows contempt for the people who buy their goods."