# Washington D.C.

'Every day is different and comes with different challenges and areas for growth, opportunity and innovation'
Enjoy designer burgers, oysters and shooters, half price wines for brunch, free desserts, and creamy shakes for summertime
Get ready for cocktails from Turkey, centuries old Madeira, Rieslings, and summer sippers made with fresh fruit
Joins California and New York in raising minimum wage to more than double the federal minimum of $7.25
Find out where to get custom designed guacamoles, mezcal cocktails, boozy brunches, and rare magnum wines
Beer pairings, cocktails, a birthday party for Thomas Jefferson, and Kosher wines are what’s happening in D.C. this week
World class Kosher wines, seven-course dinners, and events celebrating spring’s bounty are what's happening this week
This week in D.C. meatball sliders, savory salads, American sours, and innovative beverage programs take center stage
Bold winter cocktails, breakfast treats, and Texas barbecue and brunch
Foam packaging to be replaced with biodegradable or recyclable paper and plastic packaging