Futuristic KFC in Shanghai Is Staffed by Robots

High-tech KFC, same old KFC food
KFC Shanghai

KFC Shanghai

Customers place their orders through a voice-activated robot named Dumi.

Is this the future of KFC?

China’s favorite fast food chain has opened an “Original+” concept store inside of Shanghai's National Exhibition and Convention Center. The name “Original+” is meant to represent KFC’s Original Recipe chicken and the innovative technology housed under the same roof, according to Joey Wat, CEO of KFC China.

Customers place their orders through a voice-activated robot named Dumi, reports Shanghaiist. The robot is able to handle order customizations, however it has difficulty distinguishing between certain dialects and accents.

Patrons can pay for their meals using apps such as Alipay, Tenpay, or Baidu Wallet, and phones can be charged on wireless charging stations at each table.

The concept store is meant to “generate increased customer experience,” “raise efficiency,” and “attract more young and middle class customers.”

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