The Daily Dish: The Beef Industry Is Suing ABC News Over Its ‘Pink Slime’ Coverage

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The Beef Industry Is Suing ABC News Over Its ‘Pink Slime’ Coverage

Back in 2012, the nation collectively heaved over an investigative report suggesting that a lot of commercially-available ground beef is made with “pink slime” — low-quality meat chunks mixed with ammonia to kill off bacteriaABC News was the first to report this unappetizing bit of news, and since then, various supermarkets, schools, and fast-food chains have vowed never to use the stuff again. Now, Beef Products Inc. is taking ABC News to court for defamation over its pink slime coverage, says Reuters. Beef Products Inc. told media in a statement that ABC was "engaged in a disinformation campaign against a company that produces safe and nutritious beef, leading to billions of dollars in damages and hundreds of lost jobs." Fast food chains dropped their business with Beef Products Inc. after the initial report aired.

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57 Percent of Americans Change Diets to Be Healthier Rather Than to Lose Weight, Survey Says

From cutting out grains and dairy with the Paleo diet to eliminating all animal products with a vegan diet, there are always new health trends to try. To gain better insight on the “flexitarian” movement, organic meal kit service Green Chef conducted a survey to see exactly what motivates people to eat the way they do. Green Chef found that 57 percent of respondents change their diet to get healthier rather than to lose weight. Additionally, 10 percent said they changed their diets “to slim down for an occasion” and 9 percent for medical reasons. “The American way of eating is no longer a one-size-fits-all model,” Michael Joseph, Green Chef CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. “Not only are people changing their diets long term, but they’ll transform them from week to week.”

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Most Irish Thing Ever? Pub Gets Blasted for Pouring a Guinness Wrong

If there’s one thing the Irish take very seriously, it’s their beer. Railtown Cafe in Vancouver, Canada, faced a mob of fighting Irish (and beer enthusiasts) when they posted a picture of an overflowing, messy pint of beer. For those not in the know, pouring a proper pint of Guinness is more complicated than it looks — it takes a slow and steady hand pouring the pint in two parts to create the perfectly frothy (but not spilled) head on top of the pint. In “true Canadian fashion,” Railtown Cafe has immediately apologized and has offered a free pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson to anyone with an Irish passport.

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‘Salt Bae’ Makes a Comeback With His Latest Instagram Video

At the start of 2017, Nusret Gökçe (also known as “Salt Bae”) went viral when a video of the chef showcasing his sassy way of salting food spread like wildfire on the internet. This week, Salt Bae made a comeback with his latest video, which puts a twist on the flick of the wrist that helped bring him to where he is today. In the new video posted on Instagram, Gökçe catches a piece of meat mid-air with a knife and seasons it with his signature move. Although Gökçe is having fun with social media, he’s also capitalized on going viral by expanding his business and plans to open two new locations in London and New York.

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You Can Get Dole Whip Cotton Candy and Gold Churros at Disneyland Now

Any Disney fan will tell you that there are a few iconic foods you just have to have when visiting the House of Mouse: the Mickey ice cream bar, the giant turkey leg, and of course the Dole Whip. The Dole Whip is pineapple-flavored soft-serve, and now you can get it in cotton candy form for a limited time at any cotton candy kiosk at Disney’s California Adventure. This isn’t the only thing getting a makeover — New Orleans Square in Disneyland is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride with pirate-themed treats like Jolly Roger punch and golden churros, which are topped with sparkly yellow dusting sugar.


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