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‘Salt Bae’ Makes a Comeback With His Latest Instagram Video

A sexy flick of the wrist may have put this chef on the map, but he’s back to prove his fifteen minutes of fame are far from ove

Most viral internet sensations are put to rest in a matter of weeks, regardless of how Instagram-worthy or bizarre they may be. At the start of 2017, Nusret Gökçe (also known as “Salt Bae”) went viral when a video of the chef showcasing his sassy way of salting food spread like wildfire on the internet. This week, Salt Bae made a comeback with his latest video, which puts a twist on the flick of the wrist that helped bring him to where he is today.


In the new video posted on Instagram, Gökçe catches a piece of meat mid-air with a knife and seasons it with his signature move.


This isn’t the first video Gökçe has released since his original viral video — he also posted another in February which featured him dancing with a headless carcass and a bouquet of flowers.


Although Gökçe is having fun with social media, he’s also capitalized on going viral by expanding his business and plans to open two new locations in London and New York.

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