Disney Snacks with a Cult Following


Some Disney snacks are loved the world over.

Food is as much as part of the Disney theme park experience as Mickey himself. Just as people tend to have their favorite princess, attraction, or Disney movie, they also have their favorite Disney park nosh.

Disney Snacks with a Cult Following (Slideshow)

There is an incredibly diverse dining scene in Disney — from its unique dinner experiences to to its highly acclaimed dining venues — and high on that list of Disney dining experiences are the snacks that are loved the world over. While a few of the cult faves do deserve their own table, there are plenty of delicious street food snacks that can be found in parks around the world.

Each Disney Park has its own flavor, literally; Disneyland Paris is dotted with crêpe carts, Walt Disney World in Orlando has a ton of freshly baked cookie stands (many that stuff a scoop of ice cream between two cookies if you ask), and Tokyo Disney can help you out if you’re feeling like some sushi while you stand in line for “It’s a Small World.”

In addition to each park’s locally tailored snacks, Disney hits it out of the park with its specialty snacks — so much so that Disney snacks around the world have developed a a cult following of fans. 

It’s as if utensils never existed when some people get around a turkey leg in Orlando. The snack even has its own Facebook page and is a regularly hashtagged topic on Twitter. In Asia, fanatics will wait in 30-minute lines to try the park’s new popcorn flavor or snag a limited-edition or soon-to-be-retired popcorn character tub, also the topic of a Facebook page.

The Daily Meal took to social media sites, scoured blogs, and talked directly to self-proclaimed Disney fanatics about their favorite park snacks. We’re not talking churros or funnel cakes, here. These are the snacks worth waiting for, according to fans who visit Disney more than they visit their grandma, for the  food as much as anything else. Your feet may hurt on a Disney vacation, but there is no reason your stomach should be empty.

Candy Apples

The Candy Apple, or Pomme d’Amour, at Disneyland Paris is one of the park’s most popular snacks. The apples look so perfect, you’d swear they were fake. Crisp, round, and vibrant red apples freshly dipped in sweet, red syrup are so appealing you instantly understand why Snow White didn’t hesitate when offered a bite. Come warmer weather, tourists should be sure to grab themselves a candy apple quickly; by midday, if the bees are hovering about on a hot day, the apples have all been pulled off the carts.

Dole Whip


Sold in Aloha Isle in Adventureland in Walt Disney World, Orlando, and at the Tiki Juice Bar in Disneyland, Anaheim, Dole Whip is a must for many Disney fans. It seems as if everyone in Adventureland is indulging in this decadent soft-serve pineapple, orange, and vanilla ice cream.