9 Rum Punch Recipes for Your Next Party

Turn your next gathering delicious and a little exotic with these rum punch recipes
rum punch

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Celebrate National Rum Punch Day with these delicious recipes.  

Rum punch is perfect for entertaining — it’s tasty, easy to make, and versatile. It's so great, in fact, that there's an entire day dedicated to it — this Sunday, December 20.

9 Rum Punch Recipes for Your Next Party  (Slideshow)

Punch has a tropical feeling to it, no matter what it's origins. The idea of mixing alcohol and various fruit juices for social consumption dates from seventeenth-century India, and was soon take up by the British — who thoughtfully brought the idea long when they colonized the eastern portion of America.

Since then, countless recipes for punch — many of them involving rum — have been created. Are you worried that you don’t have the perfect one with which to truly wow your guests? Are you looking for a way to make the transition from summer pool parties to indoor fall entertaining a little easier and more colorful? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at our roundup of nine rum punch recipes that are sure to please. And don’t forget to wish your guests a happy Rum Punch Day!

Bajan Rum Punch


Bajan Rum punch is sure to please.

With lime juice, grenadine syrup, and nutmeg, this rum punch recipe incorporates flavor elements of both summer and fall. Having trouble deciding whether you’re ready to snuggle into a sweater or take off for one last beach getaway? Sip on a batch of Bajan Rum Punch and get the best of both worlds.

Click here for the Bajan Rum Punch recipe.

Boston Rum Punch

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Cheers to Boston!

Until Prohibition, Boston produced thousands of gallons of rum. Have you ever wondered what they did with it all? Well, a lot of it ended up in rum punch. Cheers to Boston for taking full advantage of all of that precious spirit! Here’s a recipe in their honor.


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