Most Irish Thing Ever? Pub Gets Blasted for Pouring a Guinness Wrong

A Vancouver pub is being raked over the Blarney stones for ‘the worst-poured pint of Guinness ever’

The pub has since apologized by offering a free pint to anyone with an Irish passport.

If there’s one thing the Irish take very seriously, it’s their beer. Today may be St. Patrick’s Day, but drunken tomfoolery does not excuse you for pouring a pint of Guinness wrong, especially in the eye of a staunch Irishman.

Railtown Cafe in Vancouver, Canada, faced a mob of fighting Irish (and beer enthusiasts) when they posted a picture of an overflowing, messy pint of beer.

For those not in the know, pouring a proper pint of Guinness is more complicated than it looks — it takes a slow and steady hand pouring the pint in two parts to create the perfectly frothy (but not spilled) head on top of the pint.

In “true Canadian fashion,” Railtown Cafe has immediately apologized and has offered a free pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson to anyone with an Irish passport. They’ve also installed a Guinness tap to ensure this sort of mistake doesn’t happen again. Talk about Canadian hospitality!