Deliciously Creepy Cocktails For Your Halloween Party

Deliciously Creepy Cocktails for Your Halloween Party

Once you've decided on your costume, it's important to know where you can show off your fabulous look. Instead of looking for the best Halloween party on the block, why not host your own?

First, in order to throw the ultimate Halloween bash, you'll need candy. Then, you'll have to find the scariest décor. Finally, and most importantly, in order to set your party apart from the rest, you'll need some killer (pun intended), crowd-pleasing cocktail recipes.

Whether the outcome is sweet, sour, spicy, or just unexpected, consider these 12 creepy cocktail recipes — sure to make your Halloween party one of the creepiest, craziest, and most all-around enjoyable parties of the year.

Apple Ducking

Bobbing for apples is the perfect way to include a fun and festive activity at your Halloween bash. This drink is inspired by Apple Bobbing, or as it's called in England, Apple Ducking.

Click here for the Apple Ducking cocktail recipe.

Black Witch

Fully immerse yourself in the spirit of a wicked witch. To get into character, drink this spooky lemony cocktail, featuring The Black Grouse, Cynar, and Liquore Strega.

Click here for the Black Witch cocktail recipe.

Hallow’s Eve

Throwing a Hallow's Eve party? Celebrate the night before Halloween with this sweet maple syrup and Campari cocktail.

Click here for the Hallow's Eve cocktail recipe.

Poison Apple

Tempt your guests to take a sip of some forbidden fruit with this tasty spin off of the Hot Toddy, featuring cranberry juice and tequila. Make it your own and add some nutmeg to spice things up.

Click here for the Poison Apple cocktail recipe.

Sleepy Hollow

Transform your mini bar into a mystical getaway that your guests will never forget. What makes this cocktail unique is the inclusion of dry ice and the combination of sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors.

Click here for the Sleepy Hollow cocktail recipe.

Smoke on Tequila

Are you looking for a cocktail that will set your party apart from the rest? Wow your guests with this unique recipe featuring smoked grapefruit and the tequila-flavored beer called Oculto.

Click here for the Smoke on Tequila cocktail recipe.

The Temptress

This cocktail isn't as dark and "scary" as other Halloween drinks we've mentioned, but it's just as tasty. If you're looking to host a party that's a little less frightening than most, this is the cocktail for you. It's sweet, minty, and utterly refreshing.

Click here for The Temptress cocktail recipe.

Touch of Evil

Take a shot of evil with this delicious, Patrón XO Café concoction. The Patrón has "the essence of coffee" and offers a distinct flavor.  With only two ingredients, the recipe is simple — but the outcome is pure deviltry.

Click here for the Touch of Evil shot recipe.

Until Sunrise

Make your party menu one of a kind by including a spicy cocktail for guests to try. This drink features Oculto tequila-flavored beer, Tabasco sauce, and tequila — the perfect excuse for partying until sunrise.

Click here for the Until Sunrise cocktail recipe.

Wicked Spell

Cast a spell on your party guests with this deliciously deadly cocktail. The strong licorice taste of absinthe in this dark drink is sure to turn your party into quite the spook-fest by the end of the night.

Click here for the Wicked Spell cocktail recipe.

Witch’s Potion

Hocus pocus! This rich and savory recipe featuring Patrón XO Cafe Incendio will put all of your guests in a trance, keeping them coming back for more.

Click here for the Witch's Potion cocktail recipe.

Zombie Punch

Spook-up your punch bowl by combining Zevia Lime Twist with vodka. The mixture of these ingredients, Zevia Ginger Ale, and lime sherbet will create a creepy cool green liquid, suggesting the murky waters of a gloomy and mysterious swamp.

Click here for the Zombie Punch recipe.