5 Spicy Cocktails to Warm You Up

Booze, spice, and everything nice

How to make a hot toddy.

Despite the freak snowstorm in October, this time last November we found ourselves walking outside to warmth, sunshine, and no snow in sight. This year, late fall is as it should be: chilly, windy, and bitter enough that a light jacket will not do. As the seasons change, so does our change of pace when it comes to the cocktails in which we indulge.

The upcoming late autumn and winter months are begging for drinks that will warm up your chilled bones. Swap out the late-summer and early-fall flavors of cucumber and strawberry for blackberry and cherry, and throw in flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch with some truly hot add-ins, too. Spicy ingredients like jalapeño peppers, cayenne, and even serrano chiles will keep those insides nice and toasty. With these late fall-friendly ingredients, we can mix up some truly warming cocktails, each with a nice spice to keep you chill-free on colder nights.

Below are a few spicy cocktails to warm you up. All feature the most seasonal of ingredients and the best spices with which to warm up. Cheers, and happy cocktailing!

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— Sara Kay, The Spir.it