Anheuser-Busch Releases Tequila-Flavored Oculto Beer

Friday the 13th is your new lucky day…Anheuser Busch releases this unexpected mash-up beer that glows under a black light

Oculto means hidden in Spanish. This beer won’t be hidden from stores for very long!

Anheuser-Busch is going to the dark side this Friday the 13th with the release of its newest beer: Oculto. Oculto sounds ominous, but there’s no reason to afraid of a lager blended with beer aged on tequila staves.

We reported on the earlier Oculto announcement this past November. This new libation is “infused with blue agave for a bright citrus flavor that delivers a smooth, bold taste.” Plus, you’ll look cool drinking it because the bottle packaging is decorated with “multiple crown graphics, tactile printing and black-light inks,” as well as hidden messages and skulls that are revealed when the beer gets cold. Plus, Anheuser-Busch says the beer taps into “spontaneous nights out with friends.” Between the partying vibe and the black-lit label, this is obviously a beer for a rave.

“Beer drinkers and partygoers are seeking unique, surprising ‘mash-up’ experiences,” said Jorn Socquet, vice president of marketing, Anheuser-Busch. “We worked off untapped insights to bring an innovation that delivers against that expectation. We have a totally surprising brand that revolves around mystery and intrigue—with a product that hits home with consumers looking for ways to break free from the everyday and find something exciting.”

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The blending of beer with tequila flavors is nothing new, by the way. Heineken U.S.A. — which brings us Dos Equis and Tecate in addition to its eponymous brew and other beers — markets a mashup called Desperados, some of whose contents are aged in tequila barrels. And Anheuser-Busch itself introduced Tequiza, flavored not with tequila exactly but with blue agave nectar (and lime) in some markets in 1998, but it has since been discontinued.