Parents Beware: Halloween Party Food Safety Tips To Know

Don’t let your Halloween party turn too scary; follow these safety tips from the FDA
Halloween Food Safety

Halloween should be scary, but not deadly!

With Halloween quickly approaching, there’ll be a ton of candy to eat and spooky treat snacking. Whether you are hosting a party or simply making the trick-or-treat rounds with your kids, there is no denying that Halloween is a fun time for the whole family. While we love a good Halloween scare, you definitely don’t want things to get too terrifying when it comes to your kids’ health.

The FDA released some very helpful tips for families on food safety as well as physical safety so your holiday isn’t marred with any scary accidents. Check out these helpful home party tips:

●     If juice or cider is served to children at Halloween parties, make sure it is pasteurized or otherwise treated to destroy harmful bacteria. Juice or cider that has not been treated will say so on the label.

●     No matter how tempting, don't taste raw cookie dough or cake batter.

●     Before going "bobbing for apples," an all-time favorite Halloween game, reduce the number of bacteria that might be present on apples and other raw fruits and vegetables by thoroughly rinsing them under cool running water. As an added precaution, use a produce brush to remove surface dirt.

●     "Scare" bacteria away by keeping all perishable foods chilled until serving time. These include, for example, finger sandwiches, cheese platters, fruit or tossed salads, cold pasta dishes with meat, poultry, or seafood, and cream pies or cakes with whipped-cream and cream-cheese frostings. Cold temperatures help keep most harmful bacteria from multiplying. Also, don't leave the food at room temperature for more than two hours.


Visit the official FDA website for more information and safety tips for a successful Halloween.