Oven Free Dinner

30 Oven-Free Recipes

Don’t let hot weather stress you out; use these easy and delicious recipes to cook meals that won’t heat up your kitchen

No one likes having to turn on the oven to cook dinner on a hot night. We’ve all found ourselves, at one point or another, sweating in the kitchen to prepare a meal for ourselves or loved ones in 80-degree weather and regretting the decision to not just order out. It’s neither fun nor enjoyable, and by the time you are finished, you are too hot to think, let alone eat.

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During spring and summer, when the weather starts to get really hot, the notion of turning on the oven can become a heavy undertaking. No one appreciates feeling like they’re in a hot yoga class while cooking dinner. To keep you cool and well-fed of course, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite oven-free recipes, perfect for any night of the week.

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From fresh ceviches to healthy salads and more, you will be surprised how easy all of these recipes are to prepare. So say goodbye to your oven (temporarily) and rejoice in the warm weather once again with these 30 oven-free recipes.

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