summer desserts

21 Healthy Summer Desserts to Eat for Breakfast

Treat yourself before 10 a.m.; beat the heat and the sugar cravings with these healthy alternatives
summer desserts

We'll show you how to eat popsicles for breakfast - the healthy way. 

This summer, put away the boring plain yogurt and get out your dessert spoon. You don’t have to succumb to a horrible sugar hangover to get your sweets fix, either: Health food bloggers and recipe creators everywhere have made it easy to eat dessert in the morning instead of breakfast.

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If you’re feeling fruity, craving chocolate, or longing for a creamy spoonful, we’ve got you covered. The recipes we’ve got include all kinds of desserts — and we’re not wasting any time with sad, diet-friendly “desserts” like yogurt parfaits or sliced apples. These desserts are for real.

That means that before 10 a.m., you can have your cake and eat it, too. Literally. We want you to eat cake for breakfast — and stay healthy while you’re at it.

These 20 recipes are not only insanely decadent and sweet, but they are also insanely nutritious — hiding wholesome ingredients like Greek yogurt, fruit, and oats in their layers of cocoa and frostings.


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