20 Things Only People From New England Say

How many of these New England terms do you know?
20 Things Only People From New England Say


Any New Englanders care to guess what this photo represents?

As we pointed out in the article “20 Things Only People From the Midwest Say,” anyone with an accent will tell you that they actually don’t have an accent; you’re the one who is wrong, and everyone else talks weirdly. Well, the same rule applies to terminology and slang. People can get offended if you tell them they use odd words for everyday items or activities, and they can also get offended if they don’t use a term that’s stereotypically associated with their homeland, claiming “not everybody says it.”

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With that, let’s continue our look around the country and make fun of some words and phrases from New England. (Just kidding. We love you, New Englanders, and we know that you can probably take a joke as well as or better than most folks.)

For the record, we should define “New England” states as Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut (well, the eastern part of Connecticut; the western part is basically New York). We should also point out that we agree terminology is not an exact science. Some folks in New England don’t actually use all or even any of these terms. On the other hand, some of these phrases have managed to escape their New England home and spill into other states, too. As someone who grew up and still lives in New York, I can personally attest to this. Nevertheless, the language in this article is generally associated with the aforementioned states (as was fact-checked by two native New Englanders and one currently living there), and if anyone from the area doubts it, well, we know you all have plenty of ways to tell us off.


Oh, and for the love of Tom Brady, please read these terms with a Boston or New England accent. It really helps.