12 Mouthwatering Game Day Snacks

Game day isn't all about watching sports on the TV right? Isn't it equally about the delicious finger foods, chips, dips, and general snacking that takes place? At least for any partygoers or hosts who aren't into sports year round, that might be the case! Everyone seems to love throwing parties for the "big" games of any season with beer and plenty of classic game-watching fare like wings, nachos, and dips making all making an appearance.


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We reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers and asked them which recipes they turn to for game day. From tasty Buffalo phyllo bites and the best guacamole to sticky pork belly burnt ends and chocolate and peanut butter layer bars, we wanted to make (and more importantly eat) every one of these recipes. These snacks are delightful takes on traditional game day food with a few surprises along the way to change things up a bit. Click on to discover 12 mouthwatering game day snacks.