Banana Pudding, Bread Pudding And More Of The Most-Searched Desserts In Every State

Summer is sweet, and it's even sweeter when eating dessert. So, what treats have Americans been seeking out this season? Google released its data for the most popular desserts in each state by looking into the most uniquely searched dessert from coast to coast over the last month, roughly mid-July to mid-August 2020. As it turns out, America is craving puddings this year. What's your state's favorite sweet treat this summer?

Alabama: Banana pudding

One of the most iconic dishes from the South, banana pudding is the most uniquely searched dessert in Alabama. Don't want to bother making this sweet treat from scratch? This banana cream pie pudding cup has a delightful shortcut.

Alaska: Bread pudding

If you're looking for the best recipes to finish off a loaf of bread, look no further than bread pudding. At least, that's what Alaskans do.

Arizona: Peach cobbler

Using the best of summertime produce (or canned and frozen fruit), peach cobbler is packed full of juicy stone fruit, and people in Arizona are searching for it. If you don't want to make it all the way from scratch, this simple peach cobbler recipe is one of those surprising dishes you can make using biscuit mix.

Arkansas: Banana pudding

Banana bread was one of the most searched-for recipes at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. As the year moves on, people in Arkansas are using their ripe bananas for banana pudding.

California: Lemon bars

Californians are looking for ways to turn ripe lemons into things other than lemonade. How to do that? Lemon bars, of course.

Colorado: Chocolate pudding

Rich, creamy dark chocolate pudding recipes are the comfort food that Colorado residents are craving this summer.

Connecticut: Rice pudding

Rice pudding is one of the many recipes you can make using an Instant Pot, and Connecticut is searching for ways to make this sweet and filling dessert.

Delaware: Rice pudding

While you may think of rice as the base for hearty dinner dishes, Delaware joins Connecticut in thinking of rice as an integral ingredient in its most searched-for dessert, rice pudding.

Florida: Banana pudding

Florida is home to one of the most iconic foods in America, the Key lime pie. It seems people in the Sunshine State already know how to make Key lime pie because they're searching for how to make banana pudding.

Georgia: Banana pudding cake

Georgia is looking for ways to turn cake mix into other exciting desserts. They're Googling banana pudding cake recipes.

Hawaii: Banana bread pudding

Like Georgia, Hawaii is searching for how to turn two favorite sweet treats into one with banana bread pudding. Have leftover banana bread? Banana bread pudding is one of the best ways to use leftovers.

Idaho: Rice pudding

The most-searched for ice cream flavor in Idaho is vegan cherry ice cream, but the state's most uniquely searched dessert overall is rice pudding.

Illinois: Banana pudding

Illinois is a state filled with must-try foods, from the Italian beef sandwich to Chicago hot dogs and deep-dish pizza. But what's the state craving for dessert? Banana pudding.

Indiana: Dirt pudding

Dirt pudding, a combination of pudding, chocolate sandwich cookies and gummy worms, is one of those classic childhood desserts you may have forgotten about. Indiana isn't forgetting though — they're Googling how to make dirt pudding.

Iowa: Strawberry pretzel dessert

Strawberry pretzel dessert, a combination of strawberries, strawberry Jell-O, pretzels and whipped cream, is a retro recipe that needs to come back. Iowa is leading that charge by searching for how to make it.

Kansas: Sticky toffee pudding

Kansas is searching for how to make sticky toffee pudding, a sponge cake covered in a sticky toffee sauce (hence, the name). It's best topped with some vanilla ice cream from the best ice cream shops in America.

Kentucky: Dirt pudding

Kentucky is searching for how to make dirt pudding. And if you want to take this nostalgic treat to the next level, consider baking some of the all-time best cookie recipes and using those for the "dirt."

Louisiana: Dessert pizza

There are a ton of great recipes for homemade pizza. After you're done making a classic cheese pie, think like Louisianans do and follow up with dessert pizza. One option is a chocolate cookie pizza, but fruit dessert pizza is also a classic.

Maine: Rice pudding

Maine may be known for having some of the best seafood shacks in America, but people in the Pine Tree State are following up all their lobster rolls with rice pudding for dessert.

Maryland: Chocolate pudding

What unique recipe is Maryland searching for? Chocolate pudding. If you're a Maryland resident craving cocoa, you could also consider making a chocolate tart, a difficult dessert that is sure to impress.

Massachusetts: Tarte Tatin

Massachusetts is looking forward to fall by Googling how to make tarte tatin, a French dessert made using apples. Before making your own apple tart, make sure you read up on all of the most popular apple varieties and their uses.

Michigan: Strawberry pretzel dessert

Michigan is known for its cherries, so you may think that people in this Midwestern state are looking for the best cherry dessert recipes this summer. However, they have been looking up how to make strawberry pretzel dessert.

Minnesota: Rice pudding

If you're looking for recipes to finish off that gallon of milk, think like a Minnesotan and make rice pudding.

Mississippi: Banana pudding

Mississippi is searching for banana pudding recipes. As it turns out, there are a lot of uses for this fruit beyond banana bread.

Missouri: No-bake cookies

It's hot in the summer, something folks in Missouri know well. They're searching for no-bake cookies, like these cherry bars, to make. In the warmer months, Americans can all get behind amazing no-bake desserts for hot days.

Montana: Rice pudding

Rice pudding ranks among those guilty pleasure foods we will not apologize for loving. And Montana agrees.

Nebraska: Cream puff

People in Nebraska aren't necessarily looking at the most expensive restaurants on Earth to get a fancy dessert. They're searching for how to make cream puffs at home.

Nevada: Strawberry shortcake

Strawberries are among the brain-boosting foods you should be eating. Turn this sweet summer berry into dessert like people in Nevada do by making these light and airy strawberry shortcakes.

New Hampshire: Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding is an English side dish made using pantry staples such as flour, salt, eggs, milk and the leftover pan drippings from beef. New Hampshire is channeling the other side of the pond by looking up how to make this recipe.

New Jersey: Tarte Tatin

There's no need to seek out the best apple pies in America when you can just be like New Jersey residents and Google how to make tarte tatin.

New Mexico: Yorkshire pudding

The most iconic pie from New Mexico is the Frito pie, a savory dish. This state clearly doesn't like to get too sweet; its most uniquely searched dessert is Yorkshire pudding.

New York: Dessert hummus

There are a lot of different ways to cook beans, and New Yorkers are Googling how to use chickpeas in sweets by searching for dessert hummus recipes, sort of like this sweet potato hummus.

North Carolina: Tarte Tatin

North Carolina is a state well-known for its barbecue. Keep the picnic vibes going this summer by making this apple cinnamon cookie pie, a very similar recipe to the state's most-searched dessert, the tarte tatin.

North Dakota: Dessert hummus

A classic hummus recipe is one of those scrumptious dishes you can make from cans. Break out the chickpeas and channel North Dakota by turning this classic dip into dessert hummus.

Ohio: Dirt pudding

The Buckeye State is crazy about buckeyes, a regional dessert you need to try that is made from peanut butter and chocolate. Ohioans are Googling another chocolatey recipe this summer, however: dirt pudding.

Oklahoma: Chocolate pudding

You don't have to head to the sweetest dessert shop in your state to get some great chocolate pudding. You can be like an Oklahoman and make it yourself.

Oregon: Tarte Tatin

The official state foods in Oregon include hazelnuts, pears and milk. But the state's most uniquely searched recipe, tarte tatin, doesn't use any of those ingredients.

Pennsylvania: Strawberry pretzel dessert

Every state has a snack food that they're best known for. Pennsylvania's is pretzels, so it makes sense the state is searching for how to make strawberry pretzel dessert.

Rhode Island: Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a classic recipe you'll find at historic restaurants. You'll also find it in Rhode Island, where people are Googling how to make it.

South Carolina: Banana pudding

Potassium is a vitamin you may be missing from your diet. Luckily, the bananas in South Carolina's most uniquely searched dessert, banana pudding, are full of the nutrient.

South Dakota: Homemade ice cream

Looking for easy desserts that you can make with frozen fruit? Consider this copycat Dole Whip soft serve, a homemade ice cream recipe like the ones people in South Dakota are searching for.

Tennessee: Banana pudding

Tennessee is another state that is Googling how to make banana pudding. Want to try another banana recipe? Consider banana yogurt muffins, a fun recipe you can make with your kids.

Texas: Ice cream

There are a lot of signature recipes from Texas. And what goes better with tacos, barbecue and chili than a big bowl of homemade ice cream?

Utah: Yorkshire pudding

Looking for an easy dessert you can make with five ingredients or fewer? Channel the energy from Utah and bake some Yorkshire pudding.

Vermont: Bread pudding

Making bread from scratch is still a huge social media craze. After you make a loaf, consider using it to make Vermont's most searched-for dessert, bread pudding.

Virginia: Banana pudding

Like many other states, Virginia is Googling how to make banana pudding. Want to start your day with another sweet banana treat? Consider some healthy smoothie recipes that are better than dessert, like this banana coffee smoothie.

Washington: Black rice pudding

Want to turn a classic rice pudding into a spooky dessert perfect for the upcoming Halloween season? Cook like people in Washington and make a black rice pudding.

Washington, DC: Rice pudding

Forget the best desserts at Trader Joe's. You can make your own sweet stuff at home, like rice pudding, which was the most uniquely searched recipe in Washington, D.C.

West Virginia: Banana pudding

Broccoli is No. 1 on the list of the most popular vegetables in America, and it seems like bananas may be the most popular fruit. West Virginia is yet another state searching for how to make banana pudding.

Wisconsin: Plum pudding

Wisconsin might be a little bit obsessed with Christmas — the Badger State is Googling recipes for plum pudding, a traditional English dessert that is made with dates, nuts, raisins apples, cozy spices and pantry staples like sugar, butter, milk and eggs.

Wyoming: Bread pudding

Wyoming, like several other states, is looking to make comforting bread pudding. Despite being heavily Googled, bread pudding is not the most famous dessert from Wyoming — truffles are. Here are more of the most iconic desserts from every state.

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