31 Cook-Ahead Egg Dishes To Help Make Breakfast A Breeze

Eggs are a wonderful, versatile ingredient and they make for a wonderful breakfast to tide you over until lunchtime. Because they're full of protein as well as flavor, cooking eggs for breakfast is always a good idea.

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If you are living in the fast lane and only ever grab a banana on you way out the door each morning, a fast food breakfast on your way to the office, or you are trying to feed your family in the chaos of early morning, then read on! There is a way to have a healthy, homemade, and sustaining breakfast that won't delay your morning. Don't waste your precious minutes poaching eggs, or doing dishes. The answer is to do all of the hard work the night before.

People meal prep obsessively for lunch and dinner, and now it is time to start doing that for breakfast. A slice of frittata, a mini egg muffin or a breakfast burrito pulled from the freezer can all be yours to enjoy for breakfast, courtesy of you and your kitchen.

We have collected a slew of egg recipes that will fill you up and give you energy without wasting your valuable time. Whether you work in an office, stay at home or need to feed a crowd effortlessly, we have a perfect recipe to help! So go on, peruse our list of egg-cellent (sorry, I couldn't resist) egg dishes and start your day with something delicious.