Breakfast Egg Dishes To Make Ahead

There are some egg options like fried, poached or scrambled that are meant to be eaten right away, hot off the stove. But there are lots of other egg dishes that can be made ahead of time so you can sleep in, save time or attend to whatever else your morning brings. With these make-ahead breakfast dishes, you can brew a big pot of coffee while your casseroles and quiches bake away.

Make Ahead Eggs Benedict Casserole

If whipping up actual eggs Benedict requires way more time than you have on hand, consider this make-ahead version instead. It's a delicious casserole for any time of day made even better by an easy hollandaise sauce with lemon juice, egg yolks, heavy cream and Dijon mustard.

For the Make Ahead Eggs Benedict Casserole recipe, click here.

Brunch Bake with Artichokes, Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper

This bake is essentially a savory bread pudding with cubes of Italian bread, eggs, chicken, artichokes, spinach, garlic and lots of other flavors. And if you have a jar of roasted red peppers in your pantry, here is the place to use them. You can prepare the tray, refrigerate it and bake it just before you're ready to eat. 

For the Brunch Bake with Artichokes, Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper recipe, click here. 

Chipotle Sweet Potato Breakfast Egg Cups

These protein-packed breakfast cups are seasoned with a spicy, smoky chipotle powder. The grated sweet potato and cheese holds everything in place, making these a terrific bite-sized option for breakfast. 

For the Chipotle Sweet Potato Breakfast Egg Cups recipe, click here. 


Turnip Greens and Potato Frittata

If you have eggs in the fridge, an omelet is the usual suspect. But if you also happen to have a few vegetables lying around, maybe some cheese and leftover potatoes from dinner, go ahead and make yourself a delicious frittata. This recipe calls for turnip greens, but you can use spinach, kale, collard greens or any leafy vegetable you like. Like any frittata, this recipe can be made entirely ahead of time and reheated. 

For the Turnip Greens and Potato Frittata recipe, click here.

Ham and Cheese Skillet Frittata

The color on this frittata is reason alone to make this a breakfast or brunch centerpiece. The finely chopped tomatoes add specks of red throughout the golden-brown egg base and the garlic, herbs and sea salt add just the right salty notes. This egg frittata can be prepared beforehand, refrigerated and then baked, or you can bake and simply reheat it. 

For the Ham and Cheese Skillet Frittata recipe, click here.

Chicken Frittata with Kalamata Olives

This is a fun twist on a frittata with flavors from salty kalamata olives, goat cheese and dill. The chicken is sauteed first, followed by fingerling potatoes that get brown and crispy on the edges but remain soft in the center. Every component is made in the same skillet and then tossed together before being baked.

For the Chicken Frittata with Kalamata Olives recipe, click here.

Hard Boiled Egg Stuffed Biscuit

For breakfast in one bite, try these hard-boiled-egg-stuffed biscuits that use a good ol' can of store-bought biscuits. Flatten out a round and top it with a boiled egg, thinly sliced ham and shredded cheese and bake them in a muffin tin. When you bite into them, the inside will leave you impressed and full. You can boil the eggs the night before to make this even easier. 

For the Hard Boiled Egg Stuffed Biscuit, click here.

Apple, Fennel and Cheddar Quiche

Apple and cheddar are a natural pair, and the sharp fennel plays well with both. This particular quiche has all the cozy fall flavors and it's so satisfying for a savory breakfast that you can assemble ahead of time and serve fresh from the oven. This is right up there with the best brunch recipes of all time.

For the Apple, Fennel and Cheddar Quiche recipe, click here.

Broccoli Frittata with Ham and Peppers

Try this low-carb and keto-friendly frittata for a quick breakfast or a light brunch that still feels gourmet. Thanks to an Instant Pot, you can serve a fluffy and flavorful frittata packed with ham, melted cheese and broccoli in under an hour. 

For the Broccoli Frittata with Ham and Peppers recipe, click here.

Instant Pot Frittata

If you're in need of a healthy but speedy breakfast, look no further. This Instant Pot recipe requires minimal effort yet packs loads of flavor and fillings. 

For the Instant Pot Frittata recipe, click here.

Instant Pot Spinach Frittata

This super accessible frittata recipe can be made in just 10 minutes using an Instant Pot. Frittatas are an effortless way to use eggs and any leftover vegetables like spinach that would have otherwise wilted in the produce drawer. 

For the Instant Pot Spinach Frittata recipe, click here.

Instant Pot Cheesy Egg Bake

One of the best Instant Pot breakfast recipes, this egg bake with cheddar cheese, hash browns and crispy bacon means you'll never go back to stovetop scrambled eggs again. 

For the Instant Pot Cheesy Egg Bake recipe, click here.

Southwestern Egg Cups

These poppable egg cups are baked right in a muffin tin — mini or regular — and they're packed with Southwestern flavors. The black beans, corn, bell pepper and cheddar cheese are such a great combination with eggs and can be made the night before for a convenient breakfast on the go.

For the Southwestern Egg Cups recipe, click here.

Bacon Cheddar and Chive Strata

This strata is like a frittata and bread pudding in one. You whisk the eggs and milk with the cubed bacon, chives and cheese and then pour the whole thing over the cubed bread in the baking dish. To make this ahead, just cover the dish and pop in the fridge to bake later. 

For the Bacon, Cheddar and Chive Strata recipe, click here.

Asparagus Mushroom Swiss Egg Bake

Perfect for a comforting and warm breakfast, this flavorful bake with shallots, asparagus, mushrooms and nutty swiss cheese can be prepared overnight and baked in the oven while the coffee is brewing. 

For the Asparagus Mushroom Swiss Egg Bake recipe, click here.

Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine is a French bistro classic traditionally made with lots of eggs, bacon, Gruyère and onion. You can always make a shortcut version with store-bought crust, but you should try to make it the old-fashioned way at least once for the sake of authenticity. You can bake any kind of quiche up to three days in advance, just let it come to room temperature before reheating it in the oven on low. The crust can also be blind-baked up to a couple days prior and stored at room temperature.  

For the Quiche Lorraine recipe, click here.

Green Chili Mexican Mini Quiches

Try this miniature version of a quiche for a yummy morning snack or to grab and go on a busy weekday. They're full of flavor with an assortment of spices, hearty meat and chili peppers.

For the Green Chili Mexican Mini Quiches recipe, click here.

Fluffy Quiche with Chicken

No need to knead and roll out your own dough, for this fluffy quiche, you can absolutely use a store-bought deep-dish pie shell. Instead of pan-frying the chicken, in this recipe, you poach the chicken breasts in water, parsley, thyme, celery, carrot and onion. Once the chicken is boiled and cooked, you cut it into chunks to add to the rest of the filling. The step of poaching infuses all that herby flavor into the meat. 

For the Fluffy Quiche with Chicken recipe, click here.

Cheesy Snap Pea & Spinach Quiche

Snap peas add a sweetness and crunch while the spinach adds some body — welcome changes to the classic creamy textures of quiche. 

For the Cheesy Snap Pea & Spinach Quiche recipe, click here.

Chinese Egg Tart

These sweet treats have a custard base flavored with honey, vanilla and freshly squeezed orange juice. Use frozen puff pastry sheets for a quick and super flaky crust that is delicious paired with the eggy filling. This is slightly on the dessert side so feel free to make this the night before as a breakfast treat. 

For the Chinese Egg Tart recipe, click here.

Overnight Eggnog French Toast Casserole

The holidays are just an easy french toast casserole away. You don't even need actual eggnog to make this, just all the signature winter spices like nutmeg and vanilla and a hearty loaf of Italian bread. Simply assemble, stash in the fridge overnight and bake it in the morning for the coziest breakfast ever. 

For the Overnight Eggnog French Toast Casserole recipe, click here.

Brioche Bread Pudding

Whether you have day-old brioche bread or a fresh loaf, this bread pudding is decadent and so simple to make. The high butter content in the brioche takes a typical bread pudding into dessert territory, but no one will complain. You can make a big pan ahead of time and store it in your freezer for a comforting breakfast, brunch or for whenever you like.

For the Brioche Bread Pudding recipe, click here.

Red Flannel Hash with Poached Egg

Red flannel hash is a traditional New England breakfast dish made using leftovers from a boiled dinner the night before. It's made with beets, potatoes and usually corned beef, and comes together as a speedy one-dish breakfast that just needs a fried or poached egg on top. 

For the Red Flannel Hash with Poached Egg recipe, click here.

Bacon-Cheddar Breakfast Muffins

This muffin recipe is full of traditional breakfast flavors with bacon, quick-cooking oats and of course some eggs. You can always make muffins ahead of time and keep them on the counter. Have some softened butter on hand as you nibble on them here and there. 

For the Bacon and Cheddar Breakfast Muffins recipe, click here.

Chicken and Waffle Breakfast Casserole

It's difficult to beat chicken and waffles — except maybe when you transform it into a casserole. To get this on the table faster, use a bag of frozen popcorn chicken and prep it the night before.  

For the Chicken and Waffle Breakfast Casserole recipe, click here.

Easy Cinnamon French Toast Casserole

Instead of laboring away dipping and flipping, this recipe builds all the flavors and warm gooeyness of French toast in one pan. 

For the Easy Cinnamon French Toast Casserole recipe, click here.

Country Breakfast Casserole

This casserole takes less than one hour to make, but you can also make it the night before and bake it in the morning. The golden-brown crust over a combination of cheese, sausage and eggs is delightful. 

For the Country Breakfast Casserole recipe, click here.

Overnight French Toast Casserole

This overnight French toast casserole will allow you to roll over and sleep in. Prepare the casserole the night before and put it in the Instant Pot the next morning. Easy as can be, just like these other French toast recipes and more.

For the Overnight French Toast Casserole recipe, click here.


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