mall of america

The Biggest Malls in America

Shop till you drop after walking acres of square footage
mall of america

The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the biggest malls in America through online research and size comparison. 

When it comes to malls, bigger is always better. A bigger mall means more stores to shop in, more restaurants to dine in, and more experiences to have, whether it be a movie theatre or an indoor black-light golf course. Bigger malls mean cool outdoor spaces, local events, and tons of exercise — especially if shopping is your cardio.

The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the biggest malls in America based on direct size comparison, and we've selected some telling reviews from Yelp to highlight some of their most important features. Iconic massive malls such as the Mall of America and King of Prussia made it on the list, but this lengthy list also includes malls from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Hawaii that you may have never heard of — and nearly all of them are among the biggest and best shopping malls in their respective states.

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If you shopped but didn’t drop after walking all 2.4 million square feet of Syracuse’s Destiny USA mall and think you might be able to tackle something even bigger, it’s time to load up on Wetzel’s Pretzels and tackle your next big mall adventure. Maybe you’ll find everything you’re looking for at a nearly 3-million-square-foot mall in Florida, or perhaps your bliss is located in an almost 5-million-square foot mall in Minnesota. Like any savvy shopper, you’ll know it when you see it — especially after reading our list of the biggest malls in America.