The Most Expensive Restaurant In Every State

Few things in life can be more exciting — or more daunting — than the Special Occasion. Be it a birthday, holiday, anniversary, promotion, graduation, or something different altogether, special occasions call for special meals, eaten at special restaurants. Even though more and more of us are eschewing fancy sit-down spots these days for less-expensive home cooked and fast-casual meals, there will always be a reason to visit an expensive restaurant every so often, so we've tracked down the most expensive restaurant in every state and the District of Columbia.

The Most Expensive Restaurant in Every State Gallery

Finding the most expensive restaurant in any given state is actually a little more difficult than you might expect. Even if there are $60 entrees on the menu, if you really just want to order a $12 appetizer and drink water you can get in and out paying less than you would at your local Applebee's. So for today's purposes, we're saying that expensive restaurants fall into two categories: those with very pricey entrees (usually steakhouses), and those where the only option is an expensive tasting menu. These are the two types of eateries where the average bill is higher than any other type of restaurant, so in our opinion these are what most people think of when they think of "expensive restaurants." We also opted not to include high-end chain steakhouses in our list, in the interest of keeping it local. 

Some of the most expensive restaurants in a given state are so outrageously expensive that a dinner for two can cost the same as a MacBook. Some states, on the other hand, just aren't really home to any outrageously expensive restaurants, so even the priciest spot in the whole state doesn't break the bank. Read on to see what the most expensive restaurant in your state is, and the next time you have a special occasion to celebrate (or when you win the lottery), you'll know exactly where to go.