40 Rules to Throw Out When You Turn 40

40 Rules to Throw Out When You Turn 40

The game totally changes at this landmark birthday

For some, every birthday brings a mild sense of dread. Despite it being better than the morbid alternative, few people truly love getting and feeling older. But no birthday carries a bigger personal burden than the 40th birthday. Go to any Hallmark store, and you’ll see the cards saying you’re “over the hill,” joking that you’re ready for retirement, and implying that you have one foot in the grave. Obviously, these are massive exaggerations. You’re middle aged, not dying. That being said, your body and life do both start to change after age 40, and thus, there are some life rules and guidelines that need to be ditched after this landmark birthday.

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For instance, at age 40 you may notice that you need more fiber or calcium in your diet, and taking supplements (or eating these vitamin- and mineral-rich foods) is of utmost importance. You may also need to check out those weird body aches and pains you’ve otherwise been ignoring.

However, 40 isn’t that old, and you need to throw out the notions that your age is something to be ashamed of, that you can’t wear something because of a number on your driver’s license, or that your best days are behind you. You’re 40! It’s time to rewrite that life rulebook and ditch these 40 ideas you may be holding dear.