20 Celebrities Who Can Pilot Their Own Planes on Vacation

Not only do these 20 celebrities have the financial means to fly to any vacation destination, they also have the piloting skills
20 Celebrities Who Can Pilot Their Own Planes on Vacation


Who would fly on family trips: Brad or Angelina?

The words “celebrity” and “flying” in the same sentence usually conjure up mental images of famous people climbing into private jets and being piloted off to luxurious, tropical vacations on the other side of the world. Although this is true for many famous folks, a few reserve the piloting part for themselves.

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Although it might seem like someone with musical, acting, athletic, or some other talent doesn’t need to learn how to fly and probably wouldn’t have the time anyway, when one gets the itch to take to the skies, it’s hard not to scratch it. And once the scratching starts, the afflicted won’t find any relief until they ultimately receive their license. Think about being 16 and wanting the freedom to get behind the wheel and drive wherever you please, and then multiply it by a thousand. That’s how pilots describe it.


Although you’re probably already aware of some celebrities who are loud and proud about their flight certification, the number of those who have same is surprisingly large, as is the identity of some of the individuals. After all, it’s difficult to imagine that someone who is so talented in his or her profession (whatever it may be) can also handle something as complex as operating an aircraft capable of traveling a few hundred miles an hour at thousands or tens-of-thousands of feet in the air. But here we are, and there they go.