10 Geeky Accessories for Any Nerd’s Kitchen

Cooking and nerding out are not mutually exclusive

Take your nerdy passions into the kitchen.

When you stop to think of the stereotypical geek, images of uber-nerds perpetuated by sitcoms (think: Family Matters’ Steve Urkel, Saved by the Bell’s Screech, and Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper) likely comes to mind first. Less likely to come to mind is anyone donning a chef’s apron and taking to the kitchen to prepare a dinner party.

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Well, nerds, stand proud and stand tall because, truth be told, cooking and nerding out are not mutually exclusive — which is why the coming across a wide selection of nerd-tastic kitchen accessories made this not-so-humble nerd beyond giddy. Now you can have your cake (or, as it were, pie) and eat it too… on an appropriately themed pi plate, just one of the deliciously geeky accessories on our list.

Dr. Who fans can rejoice in an assortment of themed gear, thanks to the folks at ThinkGeek. We were particularly fond of the sonic screwdriver cutlery and tardis-inspired plates and spatula, but dig deeper and you’ll find enough gear to deck out a kitchen fit for a Time Lord.

And what nerd kitchen would be complete without one (or two or more) items from classics like Star Trek and Star Wars? Yeah, we dug up some of those, like the fun and sure-to-impress-your-guests Death Star ice sphere mold and the starship Enterprise bottle opener.

Read on to see our favorite geeky kitchen accessories, sure to impress your geekiest of friends, and to set the record straight: sometimes a true geek’s place is right at home in the kitchen. Cooking with a Tardis spatula.

Dr. Who Cutlery, Plates, and Spatula

Bow ties are cool. That’s true, according to the good Doctor. But even cooler than bow ties? This collection of accessories that would jazz up any Whovian gathering of comestibles. Cook up your meal using a bonafide Tardis spatula and serve on like-themed plateware, complete with utensils modeled after the 12th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

Available at ThinkGeek.com

Zelda Birthday Cake Topper

What better way to celebrate a gamer’s birthday—or any occasion that warrants a cake, for that matter— than with one of Nintendo’s most popular video game series: Zelda. This 10-character set featuring (naturally) Zelda and Link, several other characters, a handful of rupees, and decorations, transforms any boring cake into a Hyrulean landscape.


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