Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Order Meatball Subs, Teriyaki Chicken at Subway

Subway employees in Glendale got a surprise visit from the Jolie-Pitt family

We wonder how many employees have now requested a location transfer. 

Some lucky employees of a Subway location in Glendale, California, got the customers of a lifetime when they were paid a visit by animal rights defender Brad Pitt and his lovely wife, Angelina Jolie.

“I guess they were coming from the Toys R Us… they just happened to stop by here,” employee Grisell Gonzalez told CBS LA. “They ordered two meatballs, one teriyaki, and four kids’ meals.”

Pitt himself was driving, and the entire staff was reportedly impressed by “how normal the couple was,” according to CBS.

Gonzalez also noted that the couple were “hugging and kissing and they looked like they were really in love and everything.”

When Pitt paid the bill of $44, he handed the cashier a $50 and told them to keep the change. If we had to guess, we bet that $50 bill isn’t going anywhere except a glass frame — or eBay.


“It was pretty cool they came to eat here instead of somewhere expensive,” Gonzalez told CBS.