Katie Holmes and Suri Eat Ice Cream, Not Cake, on Tom Cruise's 50th Birthday

Holmes grabbed ice cream with Suri in New York, while Cruise quietly celebrated in Los Angeles

It seems like everyone is still buzzing about that present Katie Holmes gave her husband for his 50th birthday. You know, those divorce papers that apparently blindsided Rock of Ages star Tom Cruise last week.

As Cruise turned the big 5-0 on July 3, he headed to Los Angeles to quietly celebrate with his two adopted children and some extended family in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Holmes and Suri stayed away, opting instead to eat ice cream in New York.

On Tuesday night, the actress and her 6-year-old daughter, Suri, headed to Sundaes and Cones in New York City’s East Village for a late-night dessert. Known to have a sweet tooth for cupcakes, Holmes was photographed licking an ice cream cone, probably a more appropriate choice given the occasion.

Early the next day, Holmes and Suri were spotted again in New York. They were stocking up on some barbecue supplies at Whole Foods — burger meat, buns, strawberries, and bananas. Later on, People reported that Holmes’ father arrived at her new NYC apartment carrying a custom-made cake for an Independence Day get-together.

Ice cream outings? Fourth of July barbecues? Perhaps the best way for Holmes to distract her daughter from all of this divorce drama involves eating frozen treats and barbecued favorites. At least, that’s how we would probably go about distracting ourselves here at The Daily Meal…