Heavy Metal Burgers at Kuma's Corner


Burgers are anything but high class, despite the current gourmet trend. They are messy and greasy — a dish that's meant to be washed down with fries and a beer, as juice from the patty dribbles down your chin. So thank the culinary gods for Kuma’s Corner, which leaves behind all pretentiousness and instead plates up some of the most satisfying, meaty burgers in the Chicago area (and killer mac and cheese).

Yes, it’s a metal bar; yes, the music is always loud; yes, it’s always dim; and yes, those are BDSM-ish pictures hanging on the wall. But with burgers on the menu called “Iron Maiden,” “Megadeth,” and “Led Zeppelin,” it's understood that they don't mess around here. The “Slayer,” which is essentially a pound of chili fries piled on a beef patty and served with "anger," can feed two grown men. And the simplest burger on the menu, the Kuma burger, isn’t the least bit wimpy — bacon, Cheddar cheese, and a fried egg to run through the meat, all on a pretzel roll with enough substance to hold everything together.

Then there’s the macaroni and cheese. Although not as complex (and classy) as what high-end restaurants are serving these days, Kuma’s makes up for it with its epic portions. Their make-your-own mac and cheese is served on plates larger than a professional Frisbee. Pair it with a bottle of craft beer (no Millers or Budweisers here) at the album-bedecked bar, or sit at one of the crowded wooden tables. The death metal music, staff with mandatory tattoos, graffitied bathroom walls, and long prime-time waits are just part of the experience.