Make Your Friends Salivate With These Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

From candy corn to ‘deviled’ eggs, here are our favorite food costumes for Halloween

Make Your Friends Salivate With These Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume


Deciding what Halloween costume to wear is a challenge every single year. Once we’ve decided what party we’ll be going to and found out whether there is a theme, settling upon what to wear is the most important item on our agenda over the next few weeks. First, you need to decide if you’re going to be going alone (and therefore are able to wear whatever you want), or with a friend, or in a group, in which case a cleverly curated and coordinated squad costume plan needs to be carefully formed. Once that’s set, it’s time to let your creative juices run free.

Candy Corn

Transform yourself into everybody’s favorite striped, seasonal candy for this year’s Halloween party. There really is no other time of year when this outfit would be suitable.


After all that candy, everybody will be craving a salty burger, and your outfit will make their cravings even stronger. If you’re choosing your costume with a friend, make sure one of you goes as a burger and the other as French fries.


If you have a sweet tooth, dress up as your favorite flavor cupcake, and enjoy spending an evening being as well-loved as this crazily popular sweet treat.

“Deviled” Eggs

This Halloween outfit will never fail to make us smile. Wearing an egg costume and adding devil horns (and maybe a tail and a pitchfork) is a classic, tasty Halloween costume that is just the right amount of clever.

French Fries

Whether you’re dressing for the Halloween party alone or are attending with your best friend who is dressed up as a burger, turning yourself into a carton of French fries will definitely make your friends salivate.

Giant Fried Shrimp

Take your Halloween food-themed costume in a more unusual direction this year by dressing up as a giant fried shrimp. Handily, this outfit doubles up as a sleeping bag so you can just lie down and sleep when the party is over.

Hot Dog

If you have a dachshund, you have an obligation to dress it as a hot dog every Halloween. But if you don’t have a sausage dog, don’t despair: You can just wear a hot dog costume yourself — although we have to admit that it won’t be quite the same.

Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream cone Halloween outfits can be customized as much as you like. Turn a classic cone into a sprinkle-coatedfudge-sauce-covered ice cream treat, or you can keep it basic with a simple soft serve in a cone.

Macaroni and Cheese

Don’t be shy to admit your love of boxed macaroni and cheese by dressing up as this pantry staple for this year’s Halloween party.

Pizza Slice

If your Halloween party host has failed to provide any food apart from candy and lots of booze, everybody will be craving pizza by the end of the night, and you’ll be there to remind them that that’s exactly what they want.

Sprinkle Doughnut

For the most colorful Halloween costume, try dressing up as a glazed doughnut covered in a generous amount of sprinkles.


Spice up your Halloween costume this year by transforming yourself into a bottle of everybody’s favorite red-hot condiment.


For the fruit-lovers out there, there’s no outfit more fun or adorable than a giant, juicy strawberry. This bright, tasty-looking outfit is always well-loved by both the wearer and all the other party guests.