The Gorgeous Guide to Sprinkles

Because if glitter wasn’t enough, we have the next best thing

Spread a little sprinkle on your sweet treats after reading through our guide.

As you may have noticed, we’re very fond of sparkle here at The Daily Meal — we can’t get enough of the pizzazz and drama that glitter, crystals, and rhinestones create in home décor. But we’ve talked enough about glitter. Let’s talk about sprinkles, because really, sprinkles are to food what glitter is to décor: the wow factor.

Top Your Cupcakes and Sundaes with These Colorful Sprinkles!

Somewhere between garlic and olive oil, sugar is in my veins. My love affair with sprinkles began at a very young age, probably around the same time that I discovered glitter. An ice cream fanatic, I chased down my friendly Good Humor truck day after day under the hot summer sun, adorning my vanilla and chocolate twist cone with rainbow jimmies. When the colder weather came, I still got my fix at Carvel, Baskin-Robbins, or in the comfort of my own kitchen. When it wasn’t ice cream, it was chocolate and sweets for the Borgognone girls, and boy did we get our fill — we had a whole bakery to play with after all. 

After school, I would do my homework in the back of my father’s pastry shop with a face full of chocolate.  Everywhere I went around the shop, I would leave a trace of nonpareils and powdered sugar in my wake.

Now, while all sprinkles are surely created equal, there is a quite a variety of them — from quins and pearls to edible crystals — and it can’t definitely get confusing. If you’re looking to create an ice cream bar at your next bash or adorn a home-baked cake with some color, make sure you’re using the best sprinkles for your dish! We have the breakdown of the sweet stuff so you’re prepared the next time you find yourself in the baking or ice cream aisle.If


If you're really keen on sprinkles, learn how to make them at home here!